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Plans Changed

Remember when I mentioned all the kids were thinking of playing an instrument this year in school? Well, Livi wound up joining chorus, whew! There are still thoughts of drum sets, piano lessons, and guitar lessons, but so far I have lucked out – no noise for me! Although a left handed martin backpacker is pretty sweet!

My Saving Grace

Wine...glasses of wine...lots of wine - this is what has been getting me through the holidays...

Oh, Gift Idea!

CJ is a music lover, I mean, a real music lover - he plays and records. I just found a lightscribe dvd-r online! YES, ONLINE! I didn't even have to go out and shop. This is awesome because he has been looking for this and hasn't been able to find it at the price I just did!

Yule is This Weekend

Yule is this weekend already! CJ and I usually have all our Yule shopping done by now–like, we normally do that shopping in October! So, here it is, way past Thanksgiving, and we haven’t done anything yet. So, I am wondering if, at this point, we should even bother? He wants to check out evh amps at guitar center but I really don't wanna go out shopping :(

Burlap Tote Bags

I really love tote bags - they are so useful; from grocery shopping to traveling. I was happy to find burlap tote bags at this site - I think these would make a great holiday gift, for just about everyone on my list!

We're in Georgia right now, heading to Disney tomorrow. Having a few of these would really come in handy right now, believe me! I am definitely going to have to get a few for myself!

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